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Construction of the Chaffey Headgate for the canal’s water intake from the Colorado River was started just inside the US / Mexican border, south of Pilot Knob, USA.  Originally, the headgate was to be located several miles upstream at Potholes, CA, USA, but George Chaffey elected to relocate it as a time and cost savings measure.  The wooden structure was supposed to be temporary with a  permanent concrete headgate constructed further upstream where the Hanlon Headgate was eventually built, but there were no firm plans or a timeline to complete the task.

Mr. Chaffey also constructed the bottom of the headgate too high which prevented proper water flow into the canal during the summers when the river level was lower.

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Chaffey Headgate at Pilot Knob, USA

This picture was taken looking north at the rear of the headgate shortly after its completion in 1901

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