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The land that the Salton Sea occupies and the surrounding regions have been known by many names over the years and include many modern day municipalities as well as Native American locations.  Below are the names of some of the larger areas;

  • Lake Cahuilla
  • Cahuilla Valley
  • Cahuilla Basin
  • Colorado Desert
  • Salton Trough
  • Salton Basin
  • Salton Sink
  • Coachella Valley
  • Imperial Valley
  • La Palma de la Mano de Dios
LifeOfTheSaltonSea.org - This is a photograph of the Salton Sea and surrounding areas, including the Imperial Valley, Coachella Valley, Laguna Salada, Southern California in the United States, Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean. It was taken from inside the command module of the NASA Apollo 9 spacecraft (nicknamed Gumdrop) on March 11, 1969 as part of a project studying geologic elements of Earth as viewed from Space. This image, along with several others, were used to study the fault lines in Southern California and northern Mexico.

The Salton Sea as viewed from space, taken on March 11, 1969 from inside the command module of the NASA Apollo 9 spacecraft (Gumdrop)

High Resolution Image

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