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The Colorado River.  Perhaps it could be just a Tooltip.

The end of the Colorado River is unique.  Because of the enormous amount of silt it has carried through the eons (its where the dirt from the Grand Canyon went), a large ridge has been created at the north of the Gulf of California / south of the Salton Sink.  Not many rivers flow on a ridge line.  To the south the Gulf of California.  To the north, the Salton Sink.  Over the ages the Colorado River has shifted its course many times.  Sometimes supplying water to the Salton Sink where a fresh water lake known as lake Cahuilla has been created and died and reborn again countless numbers of times.

Charles Rockwood picked the location where the Colorado River had previously shifted its course.  Mr. Cory’s assertion against Mr. Rockwood fails to take into consideration the Colorado River’s predilection for changing its course into the Salton Sink.  Do you really think a 7 foot deep trench is going to contribute very much to a river that rises more than 20 feet during its flood stage?

Impact its demise can have upon all of us.

Its picture could be that nice pond / valley / stream in Colorado.  A river has its source waters come from many different origins along its path.  Tributaries that all contribute to the main river.  But if an origin point is the source of water, furthest from the mouth of the river (as the river flows, not as the crow flies), then this is the origin of the Colorado River.

Animation of Tectonic Plate Movement

This animation demonstrates the tectonic plate movement that created the California Baja Peninsula, Gulf of California / Sea of Cortez, and the region that would one day become the Salton Sea.